When things are bad, remember it gets better


If you have ever been to the ocean, you have seen the tide come and go. When the tide’s out, the beach can be an ugly place. There’s driftwood and debris all over the place. It doesn’t look very nice. It is not appealing.

There are no pictures of the beach at low tide on vacation brochures. Nobody posts selfies from the beach at low tide.

It always is good to remember that whenever the tide is out, it always comes back in. The tide always returns. The tide may be out in your life right now, but hang on because the tide always comes back.

You may have to let someone help you through the darkness so the sun can shine in your life again. But trust me, the sun will come back out. It always does.

No matter how bleak things may look, please don’t give in to the temptation to bring a premature end to the only life God has given you.

We have been exploring the various applications of the Sixth Commandment (Exodus 20:13). I have had the responsibility of ministering to a number of families who have lost loved ones to suicide across the years.

The question always comes up about how God views a person whose final act on this earth was the violation of this commandment.

Issues of anxiety, failure, unresolved guilt, fear, loneliness or the relentless attack of the one the Bible calls our accuser is what has driven people to do some unthinkable things.

Suicide is not the choice of a person who is in a healthy place mentally, emotionally or spiritually. That’s why we can be thankful for God’s amazing grace.

Several years ago, an outstanding Olympic gymnast had performed a flawless routine on the parallel bars. Throughout her routine, the commentators praised her for what they called a perfect performance. But on her dismount, she stumbled and nearly fell on her face.

This young lady wasn’t awarded the perfect “10” score that she had hoped for, but the judges still gave her such high marks that she walked away with a bronze medal. The judges, being fair, evaluated her overall performance and not her final mistake.

I am glad to know that the judge of all the earth is fair and just. God sees our heart and he knows our mind.

When evaluating a life, I believe he mercifully evaluates our overall performance and not just the final decision made in the valley of despair. I am so thankful we serve a God of grace.

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