Focus important for Owls golfer

Noah Beaty says he learned a lot about playing golf during his four years on the Seymour golf team.

That included having a strong mental outlook.

“The mental aspect of golf in particular is much more important than any of the physical parts of it,” Beaty said. “There is nothing that changes from one hole to the next physically. It is all mental. It’s all thinking inside.”

He said you have to take practices seriously for success.

“Practice is the only way to get better at anything,” Beaty said. “If you don’t practice then you’re never going to improve. Practice is the place that you improve and that you can change what you are doing for the better.”

The recent grad enjoyed playing on the team’s home course.

“I like Shadowood Golf Course, but I’d like it better if it had less trees, but I can’t do anything about that,” Beaty said. “I like the front nine better, but I usually play the back nine better. I really do like playing here.”

Beaty said his low score was 43 he recorded at St. Anne’s in North Vernon, which is also his favorite course.

He said you have to be able to adjust to the weather conditions.

“Usually, wind and the weather conditions in general play more psychologically than anything.”

He said, for example, if he’s 150 yards out, he would normally hit an 8 iron, but playing into the wind he would instead hit take a 7 iron.

Beaty, whose lowest tournament score was a 91, said a lot of golfers have a rough time adjusting to the wind.

“They’ll hit the ball fat and it doesn’t go as far, or they’ll hit it to the left or right,” he said. “As a golfer you have to be able to change to whatever the situation is. You’re never going to be in the same spot twice. No matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t ever happen. It can be a similar situation, but it will always be a little different.

“That is my favorite part about golf, how it is always just a little bit different than the round before.”

Beaty began playing golf in seventh grade.

“I like how different golf really is than pretty much any other sport. It’s just an entirely different animal than something like football, soccer or cross-country,” Beaty said. ” It’s just so different than all the others and I like how it’s not similar to the other sports.

“I absolutely love golf. I like how it changes from day-to-day. I like it all. I usually prefer the 9-hole matches more. The 18-hole matches feel different. They feel a lot more competitive and a lot stricter. The 9-hold matches were much more relaxed.”

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Name: Noah Beaty

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Joy and Robert Beaty

Siblings: Alex

Sports: golf 4 years

Athletic highlights: 2015 coaches award, 2016 most improved

Organizations: JAG 2017, Latin Club

Plans after high school: attend University of Southern Indiana

Favorite food: Hawaiian pizza

Favorite TV show: SpongeBob

Favorite musicians: Justin Timberlake

Favorite movie: Limitless

Favorite team: University of Kentucky


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