Letter: It’s fun keeping up with unpredictable weather


To the editor:

Now for the weather. Of course, weather warnings of tornadoes are very important and saves lives, however, going on and on about rain or even thunderstorms doesn’t concern me much since I probably wouldn’t be standing out in it anyway.

In case I had to, I would put on my Air Force raincoat which was issued to me in 1951; they don’t make ’em like they used to.

I guess if I were a farmer or rafting down the White River I might care. Usually I know when it’s raining by looking out the window.

My grandpa used to figure it out with a short piece of rope handing out by the barn where he could see it from the house. If the rope was tilting out a ways he knew it was windy. If there were icicles hanging off of it, he knew it was cold. If water was dripping off he figured it was raining and if it was in a knot he looked for shelter.

Farmers back in my day relied on the Farmer’s Almanac; better yet, woolly worms. As for me it’s my knees that can predict the weather.

I remember back when the Evansville TV first started broadcasting the weather. I think her name was Marcy or something like that. Now Marcy wasn’t known for her looks but she did love weather.

She would work behind a glass and draw and write backwards so the audience could read it forwards. I wonder if the good-looking, well dressed lady weather gals could do that?

Well, we all enjoy Al Roker. He makes weather fun and even gets out in it sometimes.

I often wonder if the cameraman, lighting and sound crew are getting the worst of it. However, covering it hours on end is a little too much.

Now if I look up the the sky and say, “It looks like rain,” everyone within ear-shot will whip out their devises and in unison reply, “twelve minutes and fifteen seconds”.

Sure enough if I don’t react I’ll get wet. I hope Marcy stayed around long enough to enjoy this marvel. She enjoyed weather no matter what it was.

Don Hill


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