Trinity athlete trades football for track and field


Jarod Fleetwood played football his freshman and sophomore years at Trinity Lutheran.

He decided not to play with the club/home school team the following year, but he wanted to stay involved in athletics, so he joined the track team.

“At first I was concerned, but I’m pretty happy about it,” he said. “I mostly threw the shot put and discus, but I did some running this year.

“My favorite is shot put. It used to be discus, but now it’s the shot up, and I’ve learned a new form that Dylan (McKain) taught me, and it’s really helped me out.”

Fleetwood said his best throw is 33 feet, 4 inches.

“I’m not a big guy so I guess for a guy my size it’s not bad. It’s all about the technique,” he said.

He said when he spins around to make his release he looks for the 30-foot mark and wants to make sure he throws it past that.

“I just throw it past that on the shot,” Fleetwood said. “On the discus I want to get 90 or 100. A 100-foot throw is close to my PR (personal record).

“I spin in the discus and I glide in the shot put. I can’t do the spin in the shot put. The wind bothers your discus throws when its really windy, but it doesn’t bug me that much.”

This season, Fleetwood enjoyed competing in the Sam Sumner at Borden.

“The Borden meet was pretty cool,” Fleetwood said. “I actually did pretty well there considering all the schools there and how good they were. I threw 96 in the discus. I kind of like bigger meets. It’s pretty cool to see better competition.”

Fleetwood said he learned about the shot put technique after the Borden meet and has improved his distance during the meets in May.

He said he enjoys throwing both weights at home because he likes the rings.

With the smaller numbers on the team, Fleetwood tried to enter as many events as he can to score points for the Cougars.

“That’s a big reason I’m doing some running, just for points,” Fleetwood said. “I ran a couple 200s and 400s. We were low on people and we want as many people compete as we can. We’ve won a couple meets, which is good for us.”

Fleetwood said the weight class at school has been a big help to him and made him stronger.

“I work out as much as I can,’ he said. I just wanted to work out and try and get stronger.”

In football, Fleetwood’s primary position was outside linebacker.

He said practice is important in all sports.

“You’ve just got to get that repetition down and the same thing over and over, and hopefully you can make it quicker, especially in discus, or even in shot put and try and throw as far as you can,” Fleetwood said. “The mental part is really big. You’ve got to believe in yourself or your team if you want to be successful. I’ve really learned that the last few years.”

Fleetwood is glad he chose to attend Trinity.

“I’ve enjoyed it. For the most part I’ve enjoyed my classes and the teachers,” Fleetwood said. “I’ve learned a lot of good stuff preparing me for later in life. I’ve learned a lot about track.”

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