Students honored by corporation


The final three students of the 2016-17 school year to be recognized by Brownstown Central Community School Corp. recently received certificates for their efforts.

Earning Student of the Month accolades were freshman Conner McCormick, sixth-grader Leyton Sevakis and third-grader Ashlyn Sorg.

McCormick was selected by the high school English department.

“Conner exhibits a diligent work ethic, pleasant personality, motivation to excel and willingness to participate in a challenging freshman literature class,” Principal Joe Sheffer said in reading the teachers’ comments. “Conner is a pleasure to have in class.”

Leyton’s teachers said he is an excellent student and deserving of the honor in several ways.

“Leyton is a top-notch student and works hard in all of his classes to earn straight A’s, maintaining his grades while participating in athletics at Brownstown Central Middle School,” Principal Doug McClure said in sharing their comments. “He participates in class daily and volunteers to help in a variety of activities, taking out recycling, running errands or being a leader of students in class.”

The teachers said Leyton has remarkable patience when helping students who don’t easily understand math and science lessons.

“If he is asked to help a student, it doesn’t matter who the student is or what the topic he is asked to help with, he always does so with a smile on his face,” they wrote.

There also were several instances when Leyton stepped in and spoke up when he saw a group of students teasing a student.

“He could have easily joined in the bantering; however, he refrained and even asked the other students to stop the teasing,” the teachers wrote. “He is an outstanding young man and a role model for other sixth-graders and in fact all middle school students in general.”

Ashlyn was recommended by her teacher, Todd Brown, as the Little Brave of the Month for her sense of humor.

“Ashlyn walks into the classroom each morning with a bright smile and keeps it all day long,” Principal Chrystal Street said in reading Brown’s comments. “She has a positive attitude and is always excited about learning new skills. Ashlyn is super sweet and is always quick to give a hug. She is very witty and looks for the best in every situation. Ashlyn has been an absolute pleasure to have in my class this year.”

Despite Brown giving her a hard time about her and her family being big fans of the New England Patriots, Ashlyn keeps her sense of humor.

“And she’s super-quick to remind me that they are the champs,” Brown wrote.