St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Ladies Aid

The St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Ladies Aid met April 6 in the parish hall of the Brownstown church.

The meeting opened by singing the hymn “Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed.”

For devotions, Kathy Cunningham gave a reading entitled “Already Done.”

Ten members answered roll call. The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

Joyce Stuckwisch reported on spices and will put in the bulletin for a reminder that the group has spices for sale. Also, there are six anniversary bells for sale.

Bertie Roettger reported on altar flowers.

Stuckwisch reported on visiting the sick and shut-in, and Loretta Crowley visited the nursing homes.

The group was scheduled to host the April birthday party at Lutheran Community Home. Stuckwisch and Crowley helped serve, and Stuckwisch arranged the entertainment and treats for the performers.

Discussions were held on flowers for the altar, dinners, visitation and new members.

Ileen Nehrt and Rose Elmer did visitations in April.

Cunningham served as the meeting’s hostess.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.