Crews set to chip-seal State Road 250

Indiana Department of Transportation maintenance personnel have been scheduled to chip seal the 9.5-mile section of State Road 250 between the Jennings-Jackson county line and State Road 3 — weather permitting — Tuesday and Wednesday.

Operations will begin Tuesday morning just east of Interstate 65. On Wednesday, work will progress westward from State Road 3.

INDOT officials advise motorists to drive slowly and with caution on State Road 250 to avoid vehicular damage from asphalt spray and loose aggregate.

These chip seal applications are cost-effective pavement preservation surface treatments that extend service life of functional highways, according to an INDOT news release. Every $1 spent saves $6 to $14 in subsequent expenditures.

Chip seals coat highway surfaces with liquid asphalt to seal pavement cracks and protect the roadbed from harmful ultraviolet rays. Small chips of limestone are used to “choke” the asphalt’s fluidity and minimize its adhesion to tires. The aggregate chips also restore surface friction to optimize maneuverability and stopping capabilities.