Plane damaged after emergency landing south of Dudleytown

The pilot of a Cessna 210N experiencing mechanical issues damaged the plane while making an emergency landing in a field south of Dudleytown earlier this week, poliace report.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Officer Rob Henley said after landing, the fixed-wing, six-seat aircraft hit a rut and did a nosedive into the field near county roads 400S and 750E.

That person or others came back Wednesday and drug the 1981 plane out of a field and into a nearby parking lot.

“They were probably going to take the wings off of it and load it onto a truck,” said Henley, who was with the plane Thursday afternoon along with county Officer Adam Nicholson.

He said the Federal Aviation Administration, however, apparently had not been notified of the incident and asked police to stay with the plane until the pilot spoke to investigators about what occurred and a decision about the need for an investigation could be made.

The plane is registered to Joseph H. Campbell of Jeffersonville, according to the FAA registry.