Police department looks at buying new radar sign to target speeding


In an effort to control speed in problem areas of the town, the Brownstown Police Department is looking into purchasing a radar speed sign.

A police officer programs the sign according to the speed limit. As a motorist approaches the sign, the vehicle speed is displayed. If the driver is going above the posted speed limit, the number will flash a few times to let them know they need to slow down.

The sign is a more proactive approach in the law enforcement of speeding and reckless driving, as officers would be able to see the peak times of speeders and determine where they need to patrol.

Police Chief Tom Hanner recently talked to the town council about buying one of the signs, which can cost around $2,000.

“I just want to look at getting one right now and see how it works,” he said.

The council requested Hanner to have a representative from one of the companies that sells radar speed signs make a presentation at an upcoming meeting. That would allow the council members to learn more about the signs and the cost.

Hanner said he would like to purchase a sign that officers can move around to different areas.

That would include near the Brownstown Pool when it opens in late May and also along Bloomington Road, which motorists often use as a shortcut to get from Main Street to Commerce Street.

Council President Sally Lawson said another problem area in town is at the crosswalks near the middle school.

Hanner said he talked to Street Superintendent Dale Shelton about putting poles up along a street when it is being targeted for speed enforcement.

“We could easily move them from post to post if we get that option,” Hanner said. “That’s what I’m looking for.”

There are sign units on a trailer that could be moved around and placed on the street, but Hanner said that could cause issues in already congested areas.

“If you put one up, you’re going to be creating another obstacle,” he said. “Some of our streets are so narrow anyway.”

If the council approves the purchase of a sign, Hanner said he would take it out of his capital outlays fund.