Tigers blanked by Blackhawks


It was a frustrating start to the season for the Crothersville softball team, as the fell to Springs Valley 24-0 on Saturday morning.

Despite the scoreboard, assistant coach Robert Davidson said the team brought a great effort to the game.

“The effort was great,” he said. “We have five girls that really didn’t know much about softball, and we were able to make contact, but we just have things that we really need to work on.”

Senior Brittany Ross worked through five innings and is the only player with pitching experience on the team.

Davidson said he was proud of the effort Ross gave and of the commitment throughout the game.

The game started off slow for Ross and the Tigers as Ross was able to work favorable counts, but the Blackhawks were able to make contact with late pitches.

The Tigers also had some fielding errors which led to Springs Valley scoring seven runs in the top of the first inning.

The Tigers had a total of four errors throughout the game and also gave up numerous stolen bases.

Crothersville were held scoreless in the bottom of the first and took the field and gave up another productive inning for the Hawks.

The Blackhawks rolled through six-run second inning and the Tigers were held scoreless, giving Springs Valley the 13-0 lead at the end of the second inning.

Fatigue began to settle in for Ross as she gave up another eight runs in the top of the third to open the game up for the Hawks.

The visitors added another three in the fourth and did not take any at bats in the fifth inning to close the game.

The Blackhawks’ Hailey Goldman led the Hawks with four hits, four runs and five RBIs. Goldman also tossed 2.1 innings for the Hawks.

The weather coupled with inexperience made things difficult, Davidson said.

The Tigers’ outfield is made up of three German exchange students who have never played softball.

The day was overcast, windy and temperatures hovered in the mid-40s throughout most of the game.

“You know, they kind of huddle around and don’t want to move out there when it’s this cold,” Davidson said. “It also really takes them longer to get loose.”

Crothersville (0-1) will travel to Austin on Tuesday.