Road paving set to begin


Road paving is expected to begin today in Seymour, weather permitting, and continue through the end of June.

All or portions of more than 50 city streets are scheduled to be repaved this spring, totaling around 6.5 miles of local roadway.

Crews with Dave O’Mara Contractor in North Vernon will start working south of U.S. 50 and west of the railroad, according to a news release from the city.

Residents in each neighborhood impacted by the work will receive notice via door hanger not to park on the street for a period of 30 days or until the paving has been completed. Once paving is finished, residents may park on the street that evening, said city engineer Nathan Frey.

It’s the most ambitious road paving schedule the city has ever been able to attempt thanks to increased state funding from the 2016 Community Crossing Grant program, Frey said.

The city received a total of $960,913.10 in matching funds from Indiana Department of Transportation last August. That money was combined with a special one-time distribution of state Economic Development Income Tax funds and a capital bond the city issued last spring for a total of nearly $2 million to use for road maintenance.

Some of the work was completed last fall.

Roads targeted for repaving have been identified in a city wide asset management plan the city put in place in 2014 that rates road conditions.

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List of streets to be repaved in Seymour this spring under the 2016 Community Crossing Grant 

Road Name;From;To

O’Brien St.;Tipton St.;Reliance St.

Kasting Road;McDonald St.;US 50 (Tipton)

Second Ave.;D Ave.;E Ave.

Corporate Way;Thompson Road;Airport Road

Blish St.;dead end;Fourth St.

Commerce Drive;city limits;700 feet north of Space Guard entrance

Lynn St.;Maple St.;Fourth St.

D Ave.;A Ave.;C Ave.

Schleter Road;County Road 600E;Alexander Drive

Maple St.;Laurel St.;Brown St.

Indianapolis Ave.;St. Louis Ave.;Second St.

Indianapolis Ave.;Sixth St.;Seventh St.

Church Ave.;Walnut St.;Gaiser Drive

Third St.;Mill St.;O’Brien St.

Ewing St.;Second St.;Fourth St.

B Ave.;Fourth Ave.;Sixth Ave.

C Ave.;D Ave.;E Ave.

Jackson St.;Kasting Road;Walnut St.

Broadway St.;Brown St.;US 50 (Tipton)

Brown St.;US 50 (Tipton);Beech St.

Elm St.;Sixth St.;Homestead Ave.

Newford Road;city limits;Western Parkway

Eighth St.;Holly Drive;Juniper Drive

Juniper Drive;Governors Lane;Eighth St.

Governors Lane;Juniper Drive;Eighth St.

Juniper Drive;Eighth St.;Dead End

Louise Drive;Eighth St.;Dead End

Louise Court;Louise Drive;Dead End

Elm St.;Ninth St.;10th St.

Kessler Boulevard;Fourth St.;Sixth St.

Fifth St.;Community Drive;Johnson St.

Fourth St.;dead end;Elm St.

Seventh St.;East Drive;Emerson Drive

Seventh St.;Elm St.;Pine St.

Eighth St.;Elm St.;Chestnut St.

Homestead Ave.;Elm St.;Pine St.

Walnut St.;Fifth St.;Seventh St.

Pine St.;Third St.;Fourth St.

Lynn St.;Brown St.;dead end

Buckeye St.;McDonald St.;Brown St.

Maple St.;Oak St.;Laurel St.

Oak St.;Kasting Road;Lynn St.

Gaiser Drive;Julian Drive;Church Ave.

Meadowbrook Drive;Gaiser Drive;Cardinal Drive

Ernest Drive

Park Drive.;Walnut St;Carter St.

Oak St.;Chestnut St.;Ross St.

Oak St.;dead end;Vine St.

East St.;Brown St.;US 50 (Tipton)

Indianapolis Ave.;Third St.;Seventh St.

Ninth St.;Shields Ave.;Broadway St.

Eighth St.;Indianapolis Ave.;Broadway St.

14th St.;Ewing St.;E. Vine St.

Fifth St.;Broadway St.;O’Brien St.

Brookhaven Drive;O’Brien St.;Middle School Road

Devon Drive;Brookhaven Drive;dead end

King Ave.;dead end;Fourth St.

Bush St.;Brown St.;Reliance St.

Miller Lane;Oak St.;Southline Drive

Euclid Ave.;O’Brien St.;Bush St.

Centennial St.;Hancock St.;Bush St.

Katherine Court;Marley Lane;dead end

Jackson Park Place;Jackson Park Drive;dead end

Rebecca Court;Marley Lane;dead end

Second Street;Springhill Road;Vehslage Road


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