Jennings sweep results in 34 arrests


Police and probation officers arrested 33 people and one juvenile in a countywide sweep.

The cooperative effort by the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department, probation department and Jackson/Jennings Community Corrections on Thursday involved searches of about 40 homes and officers stopping 13 vehicles, said Lt. Mike Mowery, Jennings County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

Officers, deputies and probation officers did home searches, criminal interdiction patrols and served warrants during the sweep. Arrests were for charges including possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license with a prior conviction, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and alcohol possession by a minor, Mowery said.

The sweep lasted about 12 hours, Mowery said. Two police canines were used seven times at vehicle stops and home searches, he said.