Save the Medora Brick Plant receives nonprofit status

The Save the Medora Brick Plant organization recently received nonprofit status and has undergone a name change.

Work and planning on the project continues with monthly committee meetings at the Medora Senior Citizens Center and monthly work days at the site.

The effort to clean up the site began in June 2016, and a committee was formed shortly afterwards.

Receiving the nonprofit status allows the organization to apply for various grants it may not otherwise be eligible to apply.

The nonprofit status also will help with fundraising and promoting the historical brick plant.

The committee decided to change the name of the group to Medora Brick Plant and Historical Sites to have a more permanent name going forward. The historical sites part of the new name will leave the door open for the group to undertake other historical restoration projects in the Medora area.

Greg Sekula, director of the Indiana Landmarks Southern Regional Office in Jeffersonville, was present at the committee’s February meeting to discuss the need for a feasibility study. The feasibility study is a two-phase process with the first phase assessing the condition of the kilns and other structures on the property.

The second phase will involve researching the history of the brick plant and its significance to the Jackson County area and beyond. The study will expand upon the plans of Ball State University’s landscape architecture class. Those plans were drafted in November.

The group plans to have more monthly work days involving clearing of unwanted vegetation and trees. Chainsaws, mowers and other equipment are needed. The dates and times of the cleanups will be announced. The group also needs interested people to serve on its committee.

To help with the cleanup or to serve on the committee, visit the “Medora Brick Plant and Historical Sites” Facebook page or contact Dale Shoemaker at 812-521-4804 or Tim Reynolds at 812-498-9939.