First round of stray cats trapped in Crothersville, taken to veterinarian


Twenty cats were trapped in Crothersville and taken to Brownstown Veterinary Clinic on Wednesday afternoon.

This morning, Dr. Kristin Tormoehlen conducted spaying or neutering surgeries on the cats, gave them rabies vaccinations and tipped their ears.

CanINE Express Transport Project was scheduled to pick up the cats this afternoon and take them back to the Crothersville Wastewater Treatment Plant, where they will spend the night before the male cats are released Friday and the female cats are released Saturday.

If anyone is looking for barn cats that are already altered and vaccinated, contact Cathi Eagan at [email protected] or 812-720-0005.

“These are beautiful cats who would benefit greatly by having a job and a place that provides shelter and food,” said Eagan, founder and director of CanINE Express Transport Project.

This is all a part of a free trap, spay/neuter and release program to help regulate the cat population in Crothersville.

If residents have a cat problem in their neighborhood, they are advised to contact Crothersville officials so live traps can be set.

The town is looking to trap 20 cats per month until further notice.

To provide input on where to place traps, stop by Crothersville Town Hall at 111 E. Howard St. or call 812-793-2311. Fliers also are available about the Spay-Neuter Assistance Program for Indiana households with limited incomes.

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