Biding his time: Braves senior makes to varsity in final year


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Cody Schrader says he thinks he has been in a unique situation playing basketball at Brownstown Central High School the past four years.

“I’ve had a wonderful four years, and it’s went pretty fast,” he said. “We have 10 seniors, and it’s been a fun time all four years. I think the fun part is the competition and going to all the other places you haven’t been to if you didn’t play sports.”

He is in his first year on the varsity after playing freshman and junior varsity ball the past three winters.

Schrader said he began his basketball career in Brownstown in the third grade and has been shooting and dribbling ever since.

He said he moves around in the Braves’ half-court offense.

“Coach has me playing more inside, and when we spread the ball out I’m more of a four-corner type guy,” Schrader said. “Mainly my job is to get the rebounds, box people out, and guard the lane when we’re on defense.

“Usually I start in the post, on the block and when they dribble I fade out.” He said he feels comfortable shooting a jump shot or taking the ball to the basket.

The senior usually plays on the back end of the press when the Braves play full-court defense.

“I’m always back because with my length (6-4) I can guard the lane better and if the other team is driving in I can block the shot or plug up the area,” Schrader said. “Coach alternates (defenses). Sometimes we go full-court press back to man, and sometimes we go full-court press back to zone.

“We mostly play man, but when we get a lead we tend to go to a zone more. If we’re facing a driving team we go to a zone a lot.”

As one of the taller players on the team, Schrader takes pride in rebounding.

“Length helps a lot because of it because with long arms it’s easier to reach over a shorter opponent without getting over-the-back calls,” Schrader said.

Schrader said he will remember several games on the schedule for a long time.

“The Evansville Reitz game is the most intense game we’ve had, but I’ve always enjoyed playing Seymour since they’re our rival,” he said.

Over the years Schrader has recognized the importance of hard work outside of games.

“Practice is very important,” Schrader said. “The days before games we go over their sets so we’re better prepared to respond to what they bring us. We do different situations in practice to help us. We split up into different teams and alternate teams throughout practice so it helps us work with each other.

The Braves, ranked No. 1 in Class 3A, will need to execute the fundamentals in order to keep winning, according to Schrader.

“I think the key is rebounding real well, and getting our shooters open,” Schrader said. “I think rebounding has been the key to getting our second-chance points, and just moving without the ball helps people get open.”

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Name: Cody Schrader

Parents: Robert and Cheryl Schrader

Sibling: Brook

Sports: Basketball, four years; football, one year; track, one year

Athletics highlights: MSC champions

Organizations: Booster Club, Letterman’s Club

Plans after high school: Attend college, study chemical engineering

Favorite food: Lobster

Favorite movie: “Coach Carter”

Favorite team: Indiana Hoosiers


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