Christmas Basket Fund grows to $7,687.77


Christmas Basket Fund grows to $7,686.77

The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $7,686.77 with the addition of $1,014.77 in donations through Tuesday.

The newest donations are:

» In memory of Cathy Pollert-Klaes, Pappy, Uncle Gary and C.B., $50; from the family.

» Merry Christmas, $50; anonymous.

» Christmas Blessings to all, $50; from Hulda Goecker.

» $100; from Charles and Patricia Fouts.

» In memory of Saint Jude’s children, $50; from Jack Klakamp.

» Phi Beta Psi Sorority, $75; Theta Omega chapter

» In loving memory of Donnie Cockerham, $100; from Janet, Craig, Suzi, Aspen, Colt, Cruz, Chad, Kimberly, Lucy and Flossie.

» In memory of Brad Seybold, $50; from Chuck and Phyllis.

» In memory of Brad Seybold, $50; from Kim, Amika, Garrett, Mallory, DeLaney and Avery.

» In memory of Robert E. Schleter, $80; from his loving wife, Joyce.

»In honor of the needy in our county, $39.77; from Tim Perry and his Seymour High School film and literature and speech classes.

» In memory of James Byrns $50; from Terry, Nancy and Lana Byrns.

» In lieu of Christmas gifts, $100; from Jackson County Public Library staff.

» In loving memory of our parents, Joseph and Ruby Deppen, and our sister Pam Lawson, $170; from Donna and Ron Reichenbacker and family, Rita and Joe Deppen and family, Lisa and Shawn Deppen and family, Phyllis and Odos Higginbotham, Tiffani and Toby Calhoun and family, Vera and Jason Reichenbacker and family, Kristy and Mark Tyler and family, and all the grandkids and great grandkids.

Now in its 71st year, the project is sponsored by American Legion Post 89 in Seymour in partnership with Jay C Food Stores, Jackson County Bank and The Tribune.

All donations may be mailed to or dropped off at American Legion Post 89, The Tribune or any branch of Jackson County Bank.

Businesses, corporations, service groups, churches, individuals or families may donate. Donors may contribute anonymously if they choose and may dedicate their donations to others. Donors and their dedications are published daily in The Tribune.

To receive one of the gift cards, people must live in Jackson County and must submit a letter stating their need for assistance. The deadline to apply was Thursday.

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