Brownstown Students of the Month



Three boys recently were recognized during a Brownstown Central Community School Corp. school board meeting.

Earning Student of the Month honors were senior Luke Cobb, eighth-grader Ethan Shirley and fifth-grader Keetan Burcham-Jones.

Cobb was chosen for the honor by the high school math department.

“Luke is a responsible and determined student who is intrigued with math and pays close attention to detail,” Principal Joe Sheffer said in reading the teachers’ comments. “These characteristics are what have other students looking to him for guidance, help and leadership. As teachers, we enjoy being able to witness a student like Luke who really gets it when it comes to the ins and outs of mathematics.”

Ethan was nominated for the honor by his eighth-grade teachers for his “outstanding contributions in numerous areas of the school.”

“Ethan shows up every day ready to give 110 percent no matter what is asked of him,” Principal Doug McClure said while reading the teachers’ nomination letter. “Ethan’s 3.6 GPA is a reflection of his commitment and work ethic in the classroom, as well as the fact that Ethan worked his way into the advanced math class.”

Outside of the classroom, Ethan is involved in football and basketball and is treasurer of the Tribal Council, which is the school’s version of student council.

“Ethan goes above and beyond his typical duties as treasurer of Tribal Council,” said Alicia McCrary, one of the council’s advisers. “He is more than willing to welcome new students and give them tours of the building and volunteer for additional committees. He has taken the lead to help (the council) raise over $5,000 for our local Christmas Cheer drive.”

The teachers thanked Ethan for exemplifying the traits of a student-athlete.

“The sign of a true leader is the ability to make others around them better, and Ethan makes not only himself but his peers better every day in any way possible,” the teachers wrote.

Keetan was recommended for the honor by his homeroom teacher, Julie Voss, and math teacher, Becky Baker.

“Keetan is a very conscientious student,” Principal Chrystal Street said in reading the teachers’ comments. “He is always meticulous with his work. Keetan is careful with his calculations, and he double-checks his work. If he doesn’t understand something, he takes time to ask questions.”

They also said Keetan is kind and helpful to his classmates.

“He is always eager to help other students that are struggling with a math concept,” they wrote. “Keetan works hard in school, and it pays off for him with good grades.”

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