Christmas Basket Fund growing


The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $2,769 with the addition of $835 in donations through Friday afternoon.

The newest donations are:

» In loving memory of husband and dad, Donnie, daughter and sister, Tammy, and other loved ones; $50 from Patty Lewis and family.

» Merry Christmas $10; anonymous.

» In honor of Carl VonDielingen, $100; from Greg and Rosie Bedel.

» In memory of my granddaughter, Carrie Ponder-Jackson, on her birthday, $27; from Joby Moore.

» Merry Christmas, $50; from Larry and Shirley Lewis.

» In memory of Charles and Clara Muster, $100; from their family.

» Merry Christmas, Amy Cockerham, $75; from your Wednesday volunteers, Judy D., Barb O., Wilma C., Catherine M., Nancy H., Bonnie B., Suzie V., Dave N., Sandie B., Judy P., Sue S., Ester B., Mary G., Norma P., Mark S. and therapy dog Holly.

» In loving memory of Adam Joray, $250; from Joe, Theresa, Nathan and Rachel Joray.

» Merry Christmas to our friends and neighbors, $50; from Don and Janet Kelsch.

» Merry Christmas, $100; from Bill and Sandy Brandt.

» In memory of Louis and Doris Niemeyer, Louie and Helen Niemeyer, John Niemeyer and Kay Niemeyer, $50; from Tom.

» In memory of Donald Pat Ault and Rodney and Fairy Fosbrink, $10; from Thomas Ault.

» Anonymous, $50.

» In memory of those that have left our lives but will never leave our hearts, $100; from the Lucas family reunion.

Now in its 71st year, the project is sponsored by American Legion Post 89 in Seymour in partnership with Jay C Food Stores, Jackson County Bank and The Tribune.

All donations may be mailed to or dropped off at American Legion Post 89, The Tribune or any branch of Jackson County Bank.

Businesses, corporations, service groups, churches, individuals or families may donate. Donors may contribute anonymously if they choose and may dedicate their donations to others. Donors and their dedications are published daily in The Tribune.

To receive one of the gift cards, people must live in Jackson County and must submit a letter stating their need for assistance. Requests should be mailed to American Legion Basket Fund, P.O. Box 566, Seymour, IN 47274. All requests must be received by Thursday.

There is a limit of one gift card per person and one per address. Requests that list a post office box address will not be accepted.

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