Providing a boost: Club hopes to revive area at Brownstown Central High School


In an open outdoor area between two hallways at Brownstown Central High School, a graveled garden area has a few light fixtures, a couple of cinder block benches and a sunken-down concrete section that used to hold water.

But none of the current students or staff use the area, and several former students say it hasn’t served a purpose for at least 20 years.

The school’s Booster Club wants to change that.

Brandon Briner became the club’s sponsor last school year, and he moved into a classroom this year that looks out into the garden area.

After receiving approval from Principal Joe Sheffer, Briner gave the club’s officers the task of coming up with a way to improve the area so it’s used and appreciated by students and staff.

The club has limited funds, so it is seeking help from the public with the hopes of someone donating time or materials to give the area some life.

“I think we’re wide open,” Briner said of accepting ideas for the garden area. “Anything will be better than what it is. If we can enhance that area, I think it would just kind of brighten the day of the students, and maybe it wouldn’t look so gray.”

Senior Tyler Neal, president of the Booster Club, said officers have just begun discussing plans.

“We’re trying to get somebody to help us get a plan laid out, and then hopefully in the spring, we plan to have some different tasks for us to do,” he said. “We’re really just at the very beginning with this whole project.”

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