Many of us could slow down and do less to simplify life


Most of us are far too busy. We are too hurried. Often, we don’t make time for the things that matter most.

On the path to simplifying your life, what would it look like for you to imagine doing less? Are there things that you could cut out of your schedule? Or better said, are there things you should cut out of your schedule?

I am a list maker. I like to check stuff off my list as it is accomplished. The problem is that in the ministry, the list is never done. In fact, sometimes, the list is longer at the end of the day than it was when I started.

This is a vicious cycle that can become a perpetual trap if we are not careful. We get on the treadmill trying to achieve, trying to accomplish and the problem is that we are never done. The list is never finished.

In our culture, there is always a press to keep doing more. I want to challenge you to imagine doing less. What would that look like for you?

I am becoming more and more convinced that busyness may be Satan’s weapon of choice in the warfare for your soul. Think about that. And it is not that the things we are doing are necessarily bad. We may be busy doing all good things. But the sad reality is that good sometimes becomes the enemy of the best.

Slowing down and doing less is counterculture and counterintuitive to many of us. It doesn’t make sense. We’re convinced that in order to accomplish more, we have to do more. But that isn’t how it works in God’s economy. I think it is another one of those paradoxes of the Christian life. It doesn’t make sense from the human standpoint.

Taking steps to simplify your life could also allow you to make more time for the people God has placed in your path. Relationships will be the only thing that matters when life on this earth is all said and done.

Are you too busy for the things that matter most in life? Do you need to make more time for the important relationships in your life? There’s no reason to live with regrets. All of us have been empowered with the ability to make important choices. Let’s ask God to help us make the right ones.

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