Newcomer wins race for county coroner


Jackson County voters opted to give the job of coroner to a political newcomer on Tuesday.

The move left winner Republican Michael Bobb, who defeated former coroner Democrat Andy Rumph, surprised.

“My opponent has experience, and I was worried it would work against me,” Bobb said.

Bobb captured 10,164 votes or 59 percent while Rumph finished with 6,978 or 41 percent of the vote.

He said he looks forward to serving the people of the community and working with law enforcement to help them in any way he can.

“The voters chose me, and I hope to give the people who can no longer speak one final voice and help their families find the closure they deserve,” Bobb said.

The two candidates came to the table with different backgrounds.

Bobb has been an associate director of information technology for Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals.

He said his experience with information technology in a stressful environment will help him to be able to look at evidence during death investigations from a different viewpoint and make solid decisions based on the evidence.

Rumph, who couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday night, served as county coroner from 2001 to 2008 and also spent seven years in law enforcement as a reserve officer with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and as an officer with the Seymour Police Department. He now is the director of a Seymour funeral home.

Roger Wheeler is wrapping up his second term as coroner, and state law limits the coroner to two consecutive terms.

“I’ve been elected to small positions but never a county wide election,” Bobb said. “I look forward to working with Roger to transition smoothly to the position.”

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Michael L. Bobb (R);10,164

Andy Rumph (D);6,978


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