Braves kicker steady in clutch


In his sophomore year with the Brownstown Central football team, Tristan Robinson decided to make a major positional shift.

During a weights class he met with Skyller Lewis, who served as the team’s kicker.

From that point on, after taking a few kicks with his former teammate, Robinson knew what role he’d fill that for the Braves the rest of his career.

This season, Robinson has converted 86 percent of his PATs, making 31 on 36 attempts.

“I kind of like the pressure,” Robinson said. “I always make sure it’s the same — three steps back — every time. I need to make the approach the same whether it’s a PAT or field goal.”

Robinson said that technique is the key to kicks, whether it’s through the uprights or on a kickoff.

“You always have to focus on keeping your plant foot good,” he said “Your hips need to be rotated toward the goal post, and you need to make good contact with the ball.”

He has kicked-off 57 times total for 2,175, averaging 38.2 yards from the tee.

Robinson said that he typically hits the ball to the left side of the field for the rest of the special teams unit.

“Your special teams, you need to have the kickoff in the same place every time,” he said. “If I shank it the wrong way, the other team has all kinds of space to run.”

The senior’s practices usually consists of a lot of time working by himself.

“On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I go down for pregame and kickoff,” Robinson said. “On Tuesdays I work with Gavin (Bane) and kick some PATs. After that, I’m on my own except for Tuesday evening when I kick three in a row at the end of practice.”

Some of Robinson’s best memories were on the field at Bulleit Stadium.

“I’m going to miss the atmosphere of games,” Robinson said. “Out here on Friday nights, it’s always busy. There’s a lot of people. It’s a great place to play.”

This spring, Robinson will rejoin the reigning sectional champion baseball team.

He plans on spending most of his time at third base for the Braves, right in the thick of the action.

“It’s always close up. You don’t have time to think about it,” Robinson said. “If they square for a bunt, you have to charge. If they hit it, you don’t have much time to react.”

At the plate, Robinson isn’t afraid to swing the bat.

“I like to hit the ball; I don’t like to walk,” Robinson said. “I try to make contact and put it in play to help the team out.”

After high school, Robinson wants to study education to become a teacher.

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Name: Tristan Robinson

School: Brownstown Central

Parents: Mural and Amy Robinson

Sibling: Cooper Robinson

Sports: Baseball, four years; football, four years; basketball, one year

Athletics highlights: football: Mid-Southern Conference Champions 2013, 2014, 2016 and sectional champions 2013, 2015; baseball: sectional champions 2015.

Organizations: Booster Club, Sportsman Club, Letterman Club, 4-H, Bass Club

Plans after high school:Aattend college for elementary education

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite TV show: “The Walking Dead”

Favorite musician: Jason Aldean

Favorite movie: “Varsity Blues”

Favorite athlete/team: Pat McAfee, Indianapolis Colts

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The Brownstown Central High School varsity football coaches have announced awards for Friday’s 46-10 sectional win at Salem

Earning honors are Kyle Kramer, Offensive Back MVP; Clark Hauer, Offensive Line MVP; Cameron Eggersman, Defensive Line/Inside Linebacker MVP; Devin Stuckwisch and Lance Goecker, Defensive Back/Dime MVP; Braden Neal, Special Teams MVP; CBrandon Wilson, Scout Team MVP; Eggersman, Colton Ritz, Black Jersey winners.


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