Crothersville senior active in 3 seasons


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When Brittany Clem entered Crothersville High School, she knew she wanted to be active in all three athletics seasons.

She has done that throughout her entire tenure at Crothersville.

Clem is in her fourth season playing volleyball and will be a cheerleader and softball player for the fourth year during the winter and spring.

“I love staying busy, so that was a good way to keep myself busy,” she said.

Clem has played as a setter since the sixth grade and recognizes the importance of playing as one unit.

“Communication is very important,” Clem said. “Without communication you would constantly be running into each other. It’s just a mess without communication, it’s really important. Teamwork is very important.”

Clem is looking forward to her final season of softball, in which she pitches and plays shortstop.

She said she enjoys playing defense.

“If there is a right-handed batter, and you can tell that they’re fast, it’s guaranteed that the ball is going to go to shortstop so you have to be ready every single time, and just be prepared for that ball,” Clem said. “My favorite part is when the ball goes into the outfield. I look forward to going to second base and getting that runner from first base out.

“When the ball is hit on the left side of the field, the second baseman actually comes over and covers second base, but when the ball is on the right side I go over, so that helps a lot with communication.”

The senior is the leadoff hitter and always looks to get extra bases.

“I’ve been leadoff batter for all four years, and I absolutely love it,” Clem said. “I go up there with a great attitude and am prepared to hit the ball. I hit line drives, but I also bunt. Bunting is a key.

“You have to watch the pitch because it really sets up the hits, so when I watch the ball come out of the pitchers hand, I know where its’ going.”

On the cheer squad, Clem acts a “flyer.”

“I’m very small, so I’m the flyer for cheerleading, and I enjoy that a bunch,” Clem said. “It gets my adrenaline pumping, but it’s really fun.”

She said she enjoys getting to know cheerleaders from other schools.

“We have started a lot of good clubs and organizations to where we have a hospitality room and teams come in and they can eat some food and that helps a bunch,” Clem said.

There are 10 members of the Crothersville varsity cheer squad, and Clem is a captain this season.

“I’ve been on varsity all four years of cheerleading, so I’ve always been there to step up and help with the team,” Clem said. “I like supporting the team and having some fun at the games.”

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Name: Brittany Clem

School: Crothersville High School

Parents: Brent Clem and Amanda Clem

Sports: Volleyball, four years; softball, four years; cheerleading, four years

Athletic highlights: Volleyball, serving award, setting award, all conference; softball, pitching award; cheerleading, best all-around cheerleader

Plans after high school: Attend college, study real estate and interior design

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “Fixer Upper”

Favorite college team: Kentucky Wildcats


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