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For Dawson Cravens, it’s hard to pick out the most meaningful win he has been a part of with the Seymour football team.

He prefers to talk about the six-game win streak the Owls take into Friday’s sectional game against Silver Creek.

“The last six have all been pretty good wins,” he said. “We keep on getting better, we’re showing it and we have this little streak now. They’ve all been as important as the last game. We’ve made a ton of progress. I think we’re a whole new team now.

“It’s just everybody getting after it, getting in the weight room. We have a lot of people, a lot of depth.”

Cravens said he began playing football in fourth grade at Seymour-Redding Elementary School.

He has played defense throughout his high school career, lining up at cornerback on the freshman team. Since then, he has been on the line.

“Last year, I started varsity as a defensive lineman,” Cravens said. “This year, I’ve been a rotation guy at defensive end and tackle. Defense wins championships. I just like getting after the ball and tackling people.”

Cravens flip-flops from right side to left side.

“Depending on what the team runs and everything, whichever side the tight end is on, we want more people on that side,” Cravens said. “We throw more people over the tight end to make sure he doesn’t go out for a pass or anything.”

The defensive assignment depends on where he sets up on the defensive line.

“It depends on what kind of defensive scheme we’re running. We’ll key on different players,” Cravens said. “(At tackle) I’ll usually be over the top of the guard. “

Cravens said it takes a lot of work in the offseason to get prepared for the season.

“The weight room has helped us a lot,” he said. “Coach always has the best kind of workouts for us to make sure our endurance is up and our strength so we have a better edge on other teams.”

Like most of his teammates, Cravens has enjoyed playing the home games on turf this season.

Cravens is one of 19 seniors on the team.

“The seniors have really turned around the program,” Cravens said. “We went from having that 0-10 freshman year, then two wins our sophomore year. We’ve just been getting at it and finally turned the program around.”

He believes the players have to be mentally and physically strong for each contest.

“The mental part is very important,” Cravens said. “You have to know where to go, and you have to be mentally tough for everything you do on the field.”

Cravens said he has enjoyed being a student at Seymour.

“It’s been fun. I’ve really loved the football aspects of it,” he said. “I really like the teachers we have. They’re always trying to help you do better. They’ll let you re-take tests and try to help you be the best you can be.”

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Name: Dawson Cravens

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Jerry and Rachel Cravens

Siblings: Amy, Megan

Sports: Football, four years

Organization: Choir

Plans after high school: Attend college and study physical training

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite TV show: “Cops”

Favorite team: Tennessee Volunteers


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