Letter: Consider candidates outside 2 major parties


To the editor:

I hear so many people say that they will be excited when the election is over. I find that to be rather disheartening.

Our fight to stay free is never over. And in regards to this election, we are seeing a phenomenon like no other. We have two candidates that are so hated that people are planning to vote against the other candidate. What if you could vote for someone? What if you could vote to save our Constitution and our Bill of Rights?

In actuality, there are a multitude of candidates this year, but the media isn’t going to present that. What do you know about the polls?

The Commission on Presidential Debates organization operated to make the debates fair for the two main parties; how is that fair to the American people? Did you know that there are 250 polls in the United States?

Did you know that each poll calls between 500 and 1,500 people per week? With the population of U.S. being 324 million people, that equals 0.11 percent of the population polled per week.

That isn’t half a percentage point. Did you know that the vast majority of calls are to land lines with are generally owned by individuals over 50? Those individuals don’t research candidates and disregard anyone who isn’t in the two-party system.

Recent polls that are being used by the Commission on Presidential Debates are leaving entire generations of voters and some haven’t conducted new polls in months.

If you don’t believe me, look it up and prove me wrong. But how does this affect any other election locally? When other parties are kept under the radar, our tax money only goes to support the two major parties and they only get attention from local media to which accelerates the hype of “a wasted vote.”

We have to look policies, not parties. Can you name something that you do that the government doesn’t regulate? How will my candidate protect the Bill of Rights? How will my candidate keep my children/grandchildren from fighting in needless wars? How will my candidate get all sides to work together? If you are finding it hard to answer those questions and you are voting against and not for your candidate, I believe that it is the time to look outside the box.

As for my family, we are voting with our principles. I am voting for someone who will respect my freedoms and who wants the government to work for me. Please look into Gary Johnson and other third party candidates. Don’t read the articles written about them in a biased nature.

Read their platforms, watch their rallies. Look into Rex Bell for governor, Lucy Brenton for U.S. Senate, and Russell Brooksbank for congress. We don’t have to agree on everything but we can agree that the government doesn’t work for us anymore and we need to make that happen again.

Erin Pyle Meadors


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