Refuge visitors step back in time during festival


Anyone who attended Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge’s annual Log Cabin Day event Saturday quickly learned about what life was like back when things were not as convenient as they are today.

The event — held at the Myers Cabin at the park — celebrates the Myers family homestead and the way families used to live in the area back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The event featured the cabin, a station for kids to help construct a cabin, old-time clothes washing, butter making and apple peeling. Guests also were invited to have a bowl of ham and bean soup.

Upon walking in the cabin, people were greeted by Muscatatuck volunteer Sally Crouch, who shared her knowledge about the cabin, owned by Louis and Nancy Myers around 1885. Nancy lived in the cabin until her death in 1948.

Crouch shared the story of how the family built the cabin with the help of Nancy’s brothers, raised five children and farmed the land around them.

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