Crothersville property owners facing stormwater user fee


When Crothersville property owners receive their utility bills in November, they will notice a $3 increase.

The town council recently approved charging that amount for the monthly stormwater user fee. Once calculations are finalized, the fee will increase for businesses and industries based on square footage.

The money will go into a stormwater utility fund to make storm drainage improvements in the small southeastern Jackson County community. That would include new culverts, stormwater piping and separation of wastewater and storm drainage conveyance piping in efforts to reduce standing water and flooding issues. The ongoing fund also would help make repairs at the sewer plant.

Council President Lenvel “Butch” Robinson said the town has never had a stormwater utility fund, but several area communities do.

He said some residents or business owners may get upset about the increase, but it will allow the town to have funding to alleviate flooding issues.

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