Oktoberfest baby contest results


Oktoberfest baby contest results

Girls 0 to 6 months:

Winner: Aubrey Stahl, daughter of Anne and Chris Stahl

Runner-up: Lennon Young, daughter of Lauren and Jordan Young

Third place: La Kenzie, daughter of Ashley Boyd and Jessica Medira

Boys 0 to 6 months:

Winner: Gannon South, son of Gabbie Lucas and Gavin South

Runner-up: Jack Doriot, son of Jamey and John Doriot

Third place: Ezra Jean Poix, son of Elizabeth Coulter and Bulado Jean Poix

Girls 7 to 12 months:

Winner: Delayni Brewer, daughter of Kristen Sterle and Tony Brewer

Runner-up: Maisy Short, daughter of Jennifer and Sam Short

Third place: Abigail Linville, daughter of Christina and Hank Linville

Boys 7 to 12 months:

Winner: Conner Sparks, son of Stephanie Wilson and Abe Sparks

Runner-up: Samson Montana, son of Stephanie and Kyle Montana

Third place: Bhodi Franks, son of Lexi Franks

Girls 13 to 24 months:

Winner: Emryne Bowling, daughter of Hannah and Casey Bowling

Runner-up: Yuzo Sasaki, daughter of Yukiko Sasaki

Third place: Madilyn Murphy, daughter of Chelsea Smith and Randy Murphy

Boys 13 to 24 months:

Winner: Jesse Dial, son of Ashlee Scott and Bryon Dial

Runner-up: Thatcher Darlage, son of Kira and Colby Darlage

Third place: Liam Stuckwisch, son of Angie and Marty Stuckwisch

Girls 2 to 3 years:

Winner: Grace Sparks, daughter of Stephanie Wilson and Abe Sparks

Runner-up: Karcynn Ray, daughter of Courtney and Logan Ray

Third place: Emma Jo Rueger, daughter of Julie and Andy Rueger

Boys 2 to 3 years:

Winner: Leethan Godding, son of Luka Gooding and Logan Ruddick

Runner-up: Ezra Ramirez, son of Ashley and Brandon Ramirez

Third place: Mason Lovegrove, son of Anita and D.J. Lovegrove


Winner: Ashlyn and Jacklyn Cole, daughters of Ashley and Brandon Cole

Runner-up: Mao and Rio Morimoto, daughters of Akiko Morimoto

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