Letter: Does judge in Pence ruling hate U.S.?


To the editor:

One of the main jobs for government is to protect its citizens, so whether you like Mike Pence or not, he was doing his job when he issued an order refusing unvetted Syrian refugees into the state.

His order was overturned by Tanya Walton Pratt, a federal judge appointed by President Barack Obama in June 2010.

It’s no secret Obama hates this country. Nobody who has affinity at all for our nation would pull half the stunts Obama has done in his tenure at the White House.

But what about Judge Pratt? Does she hate this nation, too?

She is an example of a success regardless of skin color that no other land except the U.S. would offer.

So is that it?

Does Judge Pratt hate the U.S., or is this political payback for her June 2010 appointment to the bench?

Bill Kendall


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