Linebacker looks to be in thick of it


Whether he’s playing on the gridiron or behind the plate over at the diamond, Devin Stuckwisch wants to be in the thick of the action.

The Brownstown Central senior plays fullback and linebacker for the football team and is the catcher for baseball in the spring.

Stuckwisch he was brought-up playing in Brownstown’s feeder system after playing flag football at the Boys & Girls Club of Seymour.

“I actually started in the third grade, playing in the flag football league,” Stuckwisch said. “Once I was old enough, I started playing in the 56ers program.

“I’ve been in the Brownstown program since fifth grade on.”

His sophomore year, Stuckwisch transitioned from playing as a defensive back to linebacker.

Stuckwisch said he likes the variety of situations he faces on the defense.

“Linebacker has a lot of opportunities,” he said. “You get to blitz and drop back into pass coverage. A lot of times you’re in the heat of the action. If the (opposition) breaks the line you’re the first one in the action. A lot of the defense depends on the linebackers, I believe, and to how it runs.”

As a fullback, Stuckwisch’s main duty is to clear the way for the running game.

“I think our main responsibility is blocking, we often lead-block,” Stuckwisch said. “A lot of times (opposing defenses) will key the fullback. We do have a few run plays up the middle (for the fullbacks). I think having a fullback throws teams off a little bit.”

Stuckwisch was on both the 2013 and 2015 football teams that claimed sectional championships.

Last spring, Stuckwisch also helped the Braves win their first sectional championship since 1982.

“It was a blessing,” Stuckwisch said of winning the title. “We weren’t ranked at all and no one gave us any credit coming in. We started the season with a couple loses and then went on to win around 15 games in a row.”

He said he likes being involved with every play on the diamond.

“I think it gets the most action in baseball,” Stuckwisch said of playing catcher. “You’re always a part of everything. You’re calling pitches and the ball is coming at you every time — and you’re a leader from that aspect. It’s the only position where you can see everyone else. You’re the man in charge and I like seeing what’s happening in front of me.”

Stuckwisch said he will miss the community the most after graduating.

“The community is just great, we have outstanding crowds that travel well,” he said. “This year we have the theme “catch the theater.” You see all the signs on U.S. 50 and you know the community has your back.”

After high school, Stuckwisch plans on studying occupational therapy at University of Indianapolis.

He grew interested in the profession after working with kids at the elementary school in 2015.

“We had an opportunity to create something that we felt passionate about,” Stuckwisch said. “I started a program with a special needs class at the elementary school last year. Occupational is getting people back to a working condition, or if you specialize with special needs kids it’s helping them to learn in a classroom like I am today.

“Working with those kids was very eye-opening. You see how you look different, and how other people look differently at things. I’m currently in cadet teaching right now and will be in it the next trimester, helping the same kids as last year.”

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The Brownstown Central High School varsity football coaches have announced awards for Friday’s 57-0 win at Clarksville.

Earning honors are Caleb Bollinger, Offensive Back MVP; Lendon Underwood, Offensive Line MVP;Cameron Eggersman, Defensive Line/Inside Linebacker MVP; Lance Goecker, Defensive Back/Dime MVP; Tristan Robinson, Special Teams MVP; Bruce Spicer, Scout Team MVP.

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Name: Devin Stuckwisch

School: Brownstown Central High School

Parents: Tim and Angie Stuckwisch

Sibling: Zoe Stuckwisch

Sports: Football and baseball, four years

Athletic highlights: 2013 and 2015 football sectional champions, 2015 baseball sectional champions

Organizations: Booster Club, National Honor Society, Letterman’s Club

Plans after high school: Attend University of Indianapolis and study occupational therapy

Favorite food: Chili

Favorite TV show: “The Voice”

Favorite musician: Luke Bryan

Favorite movie: “Forrest Gump”

Favorite athlete/team: Tom Brady, New England Patriots

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What: Silver Creek (4-3) at Brownstown Central (6-1)

When: 7 p.m. Friday

Radio: 96.3-WJAA

Where: Blevins Memorial Stadium

Last outing: Brownstown Central def. Clarksville 57-0, North Harrison def. Silver Creek (OT) 14-13.

Most recent meeting: Brownstown Central won 38-13 on Oct. 9, 2015.

Series past 30 years: Brownstown Central 5-0.


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