Crime scene technician attends conference


A crime scene technician with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department recently attended a three-day conference sponsored by the Indiana chapter of the International Association for Identification in Lawrenceburg.

Bob Lucas of Brownstown participated in the yearly event that offers training in the forensic field of crime scene investigation offering new techniques for field use and training for those working in one of the four Indiana State Police labs in the state.

Some of the topics covered include past case studies involving officers killed in the line of duty, shoe and tire casting and lifting prints from deceased people. Participants spent one day learning about testifying in court and locating evidence in water.

The training is required for officers certified through the state and helps participants meet the requirements of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy for crime scene investigation.

The Dearborn County Swift Water Rescue Team and Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department conducted the training exercises, which included certified divers having to locate a training dummy and a weapon and use their various types of equipment.

Lucas is a member of the Indiana chapter of the International Association for Identification.

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