More construction on 2nd Street


Another round of construction on West Second Street in Seymour is scheduled to begin in the spring and will disrupt traffic near The Crossing subdivision for up to six months.

The project will begin at Vehslage Road, where Phase I left off this summer, and continue the reconstruction west to Springhill Road.

Construction of Phase II is estimated to cost around $1 million and will go out for bids in January 2017 through the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Relocation of utilities will begin next month weather permitting, said city engineer Nathan Frey. Construction will begin in early April and wrap up by the end of October 2017.

It will not include the 400-foot portion from Springhill west to U.S. 50 because that segment of the road is owned by the county, city officials said.

The city would have to annex the rest of the road to improve it, Frey said.

The project is 80 percent funded by federal road money and the remaining 20 percent, or $200,000, will be paid by the city from local tax revenue.

Just like the first phase from Lasher Drive west to Vehslage Road, the old road will be taken out and a new base of stone will go in as well as a storm sewer, gutter and new pavement.

“A sidewalk will be added on the north side, too,” Frey said.

Benefits of the project will be a wider road, new pedestrian facilities, improved storm water drainage and a smooth road surface free of potholes.

“The existing road is deteriorated past the point of simply resurfacing it,” Frey said.

Construction of the first phase of West Second Street from Lasher to Vehslage, which equaled 2,700 feet of road surface cost $3 million.

That project, which also received Federal Highway Administration money began in March and wrapped up in July.

Luedeman said he wanted to extend the road improvements past Vehslage to benefit residents in that area.

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