Medora Cadet Corp seeks donations for uniforms


During her final two years of elementary school, Julie Bartley said she wore her emotions on her sleeve, and students constantly picked on her.

“I was a very emotional girl,” she said.

But in January, as a sixth-grader, she became involved in the after-school program at Medora Community Schools, which allows students to receive help with homework and gives them an opportunity to join clubs.

One of the clubs that sprung from that program was the Medora Cadet Corp.

With that group, Bartley became a superior female cadet, which is based on her leadership ability and other characteristics, and now is one of two sergeants.

Other students now see her in a different light and treat her with respect.

“This kind of helped me blow off my steam, get rid of that negative energy. I don’t get as angry and as frustrated and emotional,” said Bartley, now a seventh-grader. “I look at myself, and I’m like, ‘Whoa!'”

The Medora Cadet Corp grew from four students this past school year to 10 this year.

Bartley said it has been a good thing for the school because it teaches loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage, similar to the U.S. Army’s creed.

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