Students write about what it means to be patriotic


Seymour Middle School students write about what it means to be a patriot.

Being a patriot would mean a lot to me. I would help as many people as I could and do so many good deeds. If I had the chance to help everybody in the world, I would take that chance and make the world change, and there would not be so many robbers, wars, kidnappers and murderers. I would tell everybody that we have the power to change the world and make it a better place. We will defeat evil and stay with the good. We are the United States.

Yobani Pascual

I think being a patriot means helping, respecting our country and being there for your friends and family. I like to help any way I can for projects, school activities, helping friends and family. I hope that people can help each other out on Patriot Day to make our country safe for future generations.

Catherine Catterton

Being a patriot to me means being able to help out my country if there is a disaster in my area. It also means supporting your country, sacrificing your life to defeat enemies and to fight to keep your country’s freedom. I would fight to keep my country’s freedom if there was a war or if somebody invaded the country and was a threat to the nation. I would help to keep my country’s freedom because other countries don’t have the rights we have today.

Olivia Schrink

Being a patriot means sticking up for your country. It means not causing problems for our country but rather being there to protect it. A patriot regards him or herself as a defender of our country. They love our country and take pride in it. They are brave enough to sacrifice their lives for everybody’s lives. Everyone can be a patriot if they wanted to. They just have to take a stand and show our country who you really are. Be a patriot and stick up for your country.

Kaylee Roberts

To me, a patriot is someone who is very brave. If you’re not brave, you don’t get to try anything new. When you are brave, it makes a great difference. You can do anything you put your mind to. Whether it’s trying out for a school team, traveling, joining the military or just trying new foods, if you’re not brave, nothing’s really going to happen. When you are brave, you can do almost everything. A patriot is someone who is brave enough to try new things.

Stevie Sedam

Being a patriot means being loyal to your country. Never talk badly about your country. Give silence in respect for those who have lost their lives in war. Do the right thing for your country regardless if it risks your life. Be respectful to those who have survived war, and always respect your country’s flag. Never betray your country. Do not disrespect your country’s leaders. If the nation’s national anthem is played, give all respect to the flag. That’s what I think it means to be a patriot.

Tavon Rivera

A patriot, to me, means someone who is willing to put everything on the line and support our country. It means that they will help people in need in times of crisis, and they will willingly do what needs to be done to ensure our country’s safety. A patriot will keep you safe while you sleep even if they are up all night ensuring that privilege. We are all patriots. We are all obliged to keep our country safe from whatever may come our way, and we support all who vigorously defend our country from the dangers of anything that will harm or hurt us.

Mallory Minton

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