Letter: Pair protected integrity of golf


To the editor and (all golf enthusiasts):

Congratulations to Shadowood Golf Club for their come-from-behind win at the Hickory Hills Golf Club on Aug. 28 in the championship inter-club match.

I also want everyone to be aware that Dave Correll of Seymour Country Club disqualified himself and his partner because he played the wrong tees. Their score would have tied Hickory Hill Golf Club, and then they would have beat us on the seventh tie-breaking score. This would have given Shadowood Golf Club an overall tie for first with Shadowood, their first in 21 seasons.

Again, congrats to Shadowood for the victory which they deserve winning two of the four matches, but a big kudos goes to Dave Correll and partner, Joe Farmer, for protecting the integrity of the game of golf which is required by all players. Yours in golf.

John A. Olson


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