Senior leader stays active on court for Tigers


Abby Mains’ favorite part of playing volleyball at Crothersville is the variety of things that happen on the court.

“I like the different plays that we can do because you don’t have to have one certain play,” she said. “Different people can play different positions. You’re always moving, and that’s pretty much any sport, but it’s just motivating.

“It’s mostly verbal signals. We do give some hand gestures, kind of for some sneaky stuff. If we’re going to go back we give a little signal.”

Mains said she did some camps and started playing volleyball in fourth or fifth grade.

Her freshmen and sophomore years, Mains mostly played on the junior varsity team.

She started varsity middle blocker all last season and has been at that position this season.

Mains said she continually watches the front-row players on the other side of the net to plan her strategy for blocking and attacking.

“When it comes to blocking, I can tell which way the setter is going to set because of the way their stance is,” she said. “When I go up to block I set myself to whichever way their feet are.

“Whichever way their feet are is which way the ball is going to go. Timing is the main key.”

When she is attacking, Mains said some of the time she will hit outside instead of in the middle.

“I feel that it’s really hard to get a good set in middle because you don’t have as much time to get ready because you have a shorter distance to get your approach,” she said.

“I kind of know when I’m going to get a hit as well because if it’s a good pass, and it’s right in the setters’ hands, it’s usually going to go middle. If it’s a pass where the setter has to run kind of all over the court, it’s not going to go middle.”

On the court, Mains tries to keep positive in all situations.

“To get a good point, obviously you have to have a good attitude,” Mains said. “We get down a lot, but we really worked hard this year to just stay positive. If we miss a point it’s OK because we’re going to come back, we’re going to come together.

“Really, we’ve just got to work together to get a good pass, good set, good hit.”

This season, Mains is one of the team captains.

“It’s a great feeling,” Mains said of the title. “We (seniors) pick what warm-ups we want to do, we lead the stretches and kind of guide everybody else.”

To have success the rest of 2016, Mains feels the team needs to work together.

“It’s going to take teamwork and communication,” Mains said. “We definitely have to have a good attitude. In the past that’s probably been our main thing. We just really get down, but we’ve talked about it plenty this year about having a really good attitude, just come together, and just work as a team.”

Attending CHS, Mains loves the small town atmosphere.

“It’s a small school, so you know everybody, and I really like that,” Mains said. “You know the teachers just as well. I just kind of feel we’re one big family, and I just think that’s a really good thing.

“I’ve made a lot of friends. I’m really excited to be graduating here. It’s been a great 12 years. I’m excited, but I’m kind of sad. I hope to make it a great year.”

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Name: Abby Mains

School: Crothersville

Parents: Chris and Valerie Mains

Siblings: Micah, Tyson, Emma

Sports: volleyball 4 years, cheerleading 3 years

Athletic highlights: receiving blocking, hitting awards

Organizations: student council, Sunshine Society

Plans after high school: attend flight attendant training school

Favorite food: wings

Favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars

Favorite musician: Kevin Gates

Favorite movie: Taken movie series

Favorite team: Kentucky Wildcats basketball


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