Paris Crossing High School Alumni meet


The 45th annual Paris Crossing High School alumni gathering, represented by the three former schools of Lovett, Marion and Paris Crossing, was June 24 at The Pines Evergreen Room in Seymour.

President Irene Royalty Engle welcomed the 110 attending. Registration and the social hour began at 5 p.m. The dinner began at 6:30 p.m., followed by the program at 7:30 p.m.

Jane Kinder Reynolds presented three $500 scholarships to graduating seniors who live in Lovett, Marion or Montgomery townships.

Since 1993, 47 students have received scholarships through the program.

Those receiving scholarships this year were:

•Katelyn Madinger, the daughter of Paul and Ellen Madinger, will attend Hanover College to become a physical therapist. Katelyn has given much time and effort to volunteer in various activities.

•Enrique Hendrix, the son of Martin and Maria Hendrix, plans to obtain a degree in the field of mechanical engineering at the University of Evansville.

•Brandon Hendrix, bother of Enrique, who had received a scholarship from the Paris Crossing alumni in 2013, expressed thanks as he continues his studies.

•Kyndyl Olds, the daughter of Keith and Leigh Ann Olds, will attend Indiana University Southeast to begin studies in the school of business. Kyndyl is also pursuing a dream of playing softball at the college level.

All expressed their gratitude to the alumni.

Nedra Nolte Short gave the secretary report, and Mary Lou Malcomb Nugent gave the treasurer report.

The slate of officers for the 2017 alumni was presented by president Engle. Doris Stahl made a motion to accept, seconded by Glen Sullivan. The slate was approved by the alumni.

The 2017 officers elected are as follows:

President, Ray Hughes 1958; first vice president, Richard Young 1956; second vice president, Engle 1954; secretary, Short 1956; treasurer, Nugent 1957; publicity, Richard Young 1956; nominations, Ray Hughes 1958, Fairy Rose Ray McGuire 1957; memoriam, Kenny and Mollie Carson Cobin Family 1956; ways and means, Donna Hensley Robertson 1958; Linda Bridges Patterson 1958; banquet committee, Sharon Hughes Galliher 1957; scholarship committee, Jane Kinder Reynolds 1956, Galliher 1957, Wilma Garrity Binford 1951; programs, Reynolds 1956 and Judith Kinder Smith 1961.

The 70-year class of 1946 was represented by Stahl and Ruth Spencer Barker.

The 60-year class of 1956 was attended by Warren Malcomb, Reynolds, Joyce Davis Baker, William Davis, Richard Young, Short, Allen Leroy McIntire, Kenneth Corbin, Mollie Flo Carson Corbin, Charlene Wilder Yeager, Gertrude Boardman Sullivan and Eugene McIntosh.

Teachers attending were Gilbert Maupin, Jane Kinder Reynolds, James Reynolds, John Morin, Paul Madinger and Mary Frances Johnson.

Niles Layman, Class of 1955, was recognized as the alumnus traveling the farthest from South Carolina.

LeDell Schumate McConnell, Class of 1945, was the oldest alumni present.

The memorial service for the deceased members of this year was conducted by Mollie and Kenneth Corbin.

Members donated items for the auction to raise funds for the alumni scholarships. Auctioneer Phil Daeger, assisted by Ray Hughes, conducted the auction.

The meeting was adjourned by president Engle.

The 2017 alumni gathering will be June 23 at The Pines Evergreen Room.

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