Bowman Motorsports making a name for itself


Seymour’s Adam Bowman has spent time around cars and racetracks his entire life.

Growing up around his father’s car dealership, Bowman was exposed the automotive world at an early age.

“Engine and wheels always excited me, that’s for sure,” Bowman said.

Like anyone with interest in cars and driving, Bowman wanted to go fast.

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Bowman, now 21-years-old, recalls pleading with his father to go racing.

“I just knew that was something I was passionate about as a young boy,” Bowman said.

He would finally get his chance during his freshman year at Seymour High School when his father, Bryan Bowman, purchased him his first race car.

Bowman competed in the Hornet division for two seasons at Brownstown Speedway, but quickly noticed another division of car’s that peaked his interest.

“I just knew that if I were going to be racing, the Late Models were what I wanted to drive,” Bowman said.

In 2012, Bowman started competing in the Crate Late Model Division at Brownstown and other surrounding tracks.

He began to hone his skill behind the wheel fairly quickly as he finished 7th in the Indiana Pro Late Model Series points standings, and also finished 4th in Super Late Model Points at Brownstown Speedway during the 2013 racing season.

As Bowman continued to show solid results behind the wheel, the father-son team decided it was time to take things to the next level and starting acquiring more cars.

They also brought some other talent to their team.

Bryan hired Madison driver Cody Mahoney to pilot his car and bring along a wealth of knowledge with him.

Now, Bowman Motorsports fields two Super Late Model race cars with Bowman and Mahoney behind the wheel.

The teammates have traveled all over the region thus far and have had plenty of success along the way.

“When everything meshes together, that’s when you really get to shine and everybody notices that,” Bowman said. “Throughout the year every time I’ve got out there I’ve learned something different and become more knowledgeable in the sport.”

Brownstown Speedway has served as Bowman’s foundation in his racing career.

He also noted the glory that comes along with winning in Brownstown.

“Last year when I won in the Crate (Late Model), and it was definitely a shot in the arm for me,” Bowman said. “They say when you win at Brownstown you can pretty much win everywhere. And that’s definitely stuck in my head.

“I’ve definitely sat goals and I push myself, and I’m so hard on myself after races because I know what my goals are.”

Bowman said he doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

He hopes to be a threat on the track on the regional level for many years to come.

“In five years I would love to still be racing,” he said. “Racing is a very expensive sport and you have to have supporters behind you. I’ve always made it a point if someone’s going to invest in me. I’m going to make sure they get their investment.”

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