Letter: Those in conflict with police in wrong


To the editor:

Fundamental question. Why do police departments exit?

Why are police departments given life or death authority? Why has civilized society chosen to enable the establishment of such powerful entities?

The answer is relatively simple. Violent people, mad men and women, accidents of every description, and every vicissitude that mankind is subject to if it is to be mitigated requires highly trained, courageous and dedicated men and women to come to the rescue.

Anyone who finds themselves in conflict with this authority is in the wrong by definition. Any misuse of this authority has recourse in the legal system. But, at the time of the interface with the authority, it is illegal, foolish and subject to any force the authority lawfully has including killing the offender.

Failure to maintain police authority is by definition a failure to maintain law and order resulting in a loss of civilization.

Police departments operate under strict disciplines and the oversight of the courts and are under constant evaluation by the citizens they serve. Therefore it should be obvious that those needing to examine why they think there is any excuse to oppose law and order should examine their thinking.

We do have a problem in current society of individuals lacking sufficient intelligence to yield to police authority. These individuals are the problem not the police. It is important that teachers, politicians, social workers, and other influential personalities understand these basic facts and help promulgate them.

Don Davis

Jackson County

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