We all lose in NFL debacle


I didn’t think that the Seymour football team would play on their new turf field before the Indianapolis Colts took to the gridiron in Canton for the Hall of Fame Game.

What an embarrassment for the NFL and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The fans who went to the game duped. The cancellation announcement for the attendees at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium came at the last second — 8 p.m. sharp.

NFL.com’s Michael Silver reported that 2 1/2 hours before the game, the stadium workers knew there were serious issues.

They tried putting down paint thinner — the stuff can burn skin, by the way — after already heating the surfaces just before the game. It was all because improper paint was used that didn’t dry quickly enough, according to the report.

Essentially, they melted the rubber turf because the paint wasn’t drying.

But most of those in attendance had no idea as they dumped money into the NFL’s pocket.

Fans were bamboozled.

All the vendors were pumping out merchandise and food concessions while the Hall of Fame knew a game wasn’t going to be played.

It’s not the vendors’ vault, though. A majority didn’t know it was cancelled.

The NFL had almost six months to prepare for this game, so how does something like this happen?

It was readily apparent that the surface was dangerous. You don’t want a 300-pound lineman charging all their forward momentum into an opponent while playing in tar-like cement.

Yeah, sure, it’s just a preseason game — we pretty much know who will get the starting snaps come September.

However, this game did have an impact on the final roster and the livelihood of many players.

Those bubble players aiming to make an NFL team lost an opportunity to showcase their talents.

For those third- and fourth-string players, every single play is dissected by the coaching staff.

An extra tackle, interception, yard earned from scrimmage or touchdown pass could bump the player a spot up or down the depth chart.

That’s an athlete’s potential salary. Their job.

Everyone lost due to the incompetence.

Shame on the NFL for failing to check the details.

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