Fox gets to go home


A fox wandering Columbus that was covered in mange and suffering from severe eye infections has recovered with the help of Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators.

The fox was set free Saturday or Sunday along with a baby fox rescued earlier after it fell into an abandoned well on an area farm, said Kathy Hershey, who operates Utopia near Hope.

The fox had frequented the Garland Brook area in Columbus where it had lived for several years, Hershey said, finding abundant food there and co-existing with humans without complaint. However, at some point, the fox was afflicted with an advanced case of mange, which caused him to lose his fur, and to develop several infections, which spread to his eyes, Hershey said.

The fox was treated at Utopia for about three weeks before regaining its health.

“He looks perfect,” Hershey said.

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