Make time for your health


These are some things I hear all the time: I don’t have time to workout. I’m too busy. My kids are too busy. I work too much.

Ask yourself this, “How will I feel in 10 years if I don’t make time for my health?”

Will it hurt to get out of bed? Will I be able to play in the backyard with my kids/grandkids? Will I have the mental strength to not look depression in the eye?

Being healthy is a lifestyle.

It’s not a diet or a fad; it’s just something you become.

Every day you have the opportunity to change with the choices you make.

Should I pack my lunch or hit the drive-thru?

Should I go for a walk on my break or catch up on Facebook?

If there is one thing you can control in your day, it’s you.

Having that control empowers me.

I get to decide how I will make myself stronger, not only for me but also my family and how I will fuel the machine.

I get to decide how I will make the most of my day when tomorrow is never guaranteed.

I don’t care about your political view or your Pokemon Go level.

What I do care about: how are you going to make time for yourself?

Short, high intensity workouts are the way to go when you are time crunched. If you have 10 minutes, go hard for 10 minutes.

At Crossfit Seymour, we like to find things to do outside the gym that encourages good health and support for our community.

On the first Friday of every month, we offer a free workout called “The Small Town Throw Down.”

On August 5 at 5:30 p.m., we are offering a family fun night. You can workout with your kids and then join us for the “Fun In The Sun” benefit at the Crestview Pool.

We are helping their neighborhood raise money to make improvements to a pool many of us have enjoyed for years.

It’s time to embrace our small town treasures.

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Here are some at home workouts you can do when you don’t have enough time to go for a run or hit your favorite gym:

7 Burpees

7 Air Squats

7 Sit Ups

12 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

5 Push Ups

10 Crunches

10 Mountain Climbers

20 Air Squats

20 Walking Lunge Steps

1 Round For Time

50 Squats

40 Sit Ups

30 Push Ups

20 Tuck Jumps

10 Burpees


RaeAnn Mellencamp is the head trainer at CrossFit Seymour. She can be reached through

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