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Most of the runners who competed in the annual Seymour Midnight 5K Friday night said they were thankful that it was conducted after dark, and not during the day when the heat and humidity blanketed the state.

Daniel Hauersperger was the overall winner with a time of 16:39.6, while Makenna Sunbury claimed first female finisher with a time of 19:39.2.

Hauersperger didn’t have any trouble placing first as he won by 30 seconds against Ben Franke.

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Hunter Bauserman, who will be a member of the Seymour High School boys cross-country team this fall, was third at 17:08.2

“My time is about average for me this time of year,” Hauersperger said. “This is my first and only 5K. It’s still really fun, especially with the Seymour cross-country alumni and current runners, everybody showing up. I love distance running.

“I’m gearing up for the collegiate cross-country season this year at IUPUI. I redshirted cross-country but I got to run indoor and outdoor track. My main goal is to help the team get better this year. I’m hoping to go in and get a varsity spot and help everybody else get better.”

Sunbury, who will be a freshman at Seymour High School this fall, said she reached her goal of wanting to beat 20 minutes. She placed 15th overall.

“It was my PR (personal record),” she said. “I love running at night. It was cool. I felt comfortable.”

While some runners were competing in their first race of the season, others have put a lot of miles on this spring and summer.

Duane Davis, who finished third in his age group, said he plans to compete in about 20 races this year — down from 30 he competed in last year.

He ran in the mini-marathon in Seymour and in Indianapolis earlier this year.

“I never considered myself as a runner,” Davis said. “The fact that I’m getting out here and working at it and finishing is my self-accomplishment. I really enjoy getting out here and meeting new people. It is amazing the amount of people you get to meet and get to know.

“I ran the midnight last year. It’s cooler. It’s just a total different atmosphere. You don’t have the sun beating down on you. It’s just a different feeling about running.”

Several families were represented by more than one family member competing.

Included in that group were Aimee Perry and her daughter, Alyssa.

Alyssa, who will be an eighth-grader at Seymour Middle School, plans to play volleyball, soccer, basketball and track the coming school year, said she competed because, “I wanted to come out and run with my friends. I thought it would be fun. I ran in it a few years ago.”

She said before her race she was more concerned about running a steady pace than about her time. She finished fourth in her age group.

For Aimee, it was her second 5K in the past year.

“I did Oktoberfest and I did the midnight a couple years ago, and it was pretty fun,” she said. “I wanted to support the cross-country team. It’s neat running at night.”

After the race, Aimee said she accomplished her goal of running the entire race, and she finished fourth in her age group.

There were 101 runners competing in the race.

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Seymour Midnight 5K run

Overall winners

Male- Daniel Hauersperger 16:39.6

Female-Makenna Sunbury 19:39.2


(Top 5 in age group)

11 and under: Jude Bane 21:36.6

12-14: Luke Plummer 18:25.7, Luke Bane 19:15.2, Luke Hauersperger 20:10.2, Dylan Fields 21:07, Sam Castettler 23:35.3

15-19: Hunter Bauserman 17:08.2, Jacob Voss 17:15.5, Jake McCullough 17:17, Alex Lovins 17:34.3, Trent Hohenstreiter 17:56.1

20-24: Ben Franke 17:06.9, Jonah Woods 18:20.6, Mitch McCoy 19:36.7, Shawn Spurlock 22:58.9, Ryan Fitzgerald 26:42.6

30-34: Ben Wisler 19:09.9, Rob Dauelort 49:11

35-39: Tom Gross 33:03.9, Josh Rumph 41:02.7, Jason Rumph 43:49

40-44: Scott McDaniel 27:44.6, Jason Lewellen 28:13.8, Larry Dunham 34:28.6

45-49: Chris Crenshaw 20:37.4, Todd Grimes 23:20.3, Scott McKinney 24:37.2, Todd McCullough 25:16.7

50-54: Garry Haffner 22:03.3, Gregg DeLong 24:04.9, Jerrell Hubbard 29:23.3, Kurtis Beach 39:52.5

55-59: Roger Stout 21:46.4, Bob Hougland 24:28.9, Duane Davis 34:47.2

60 and over: Dennis Sterling 29:57.1, Steve Bayer 30:45.5, Mark Simmons 37:40.5, David Owens 40:52.1


11 and under: Ava Sunbury 23:21.4, Claire Wisler 25:31.9

12-14: Grace Rennekamp 23:30.8, Zoe Plummer 24:18, Lillian Sunbury 24:18.6, Alyssa Perry 24:19.1, Kristen Klosterman 28:23.1

15-19: Maya Hauersperger 22:51.7, Madeleina Correll 24:47.3, Mikaela Grout 24:58.7, Olivia Heaton 25:04.5, Grace Spencer 25:05.4

20-24: Kristy Hamilton 21:39.9, Jenni Fifer 26:43.2, Alexis Beed 30:01.1, Meagan Timberlake 43:50, Emma Tatlock 52:03

25-29: Ashley Moore 29:50.6

30-34: Casey Jones 27:43.7, Megan Campbell 34:45.7, Miranda Gudgel 36:56.8, Kim Roberts 49:10

35-39: Jill Stoner 23:46, Jeannie Dickens 30:19.9, Heather Gross 31:57.4, Letica Pasillas 32:04.5, Mary Penegar 35:14.7

40-44: Jennifer Kling 30:23.2, Amy Lewellen 32:22.2, Nicole Hercamp 33:24.5, Aimee Perry 33:39.6, Ana DeGante 35:02.3

45-49: Pam Haney 32:02, Donna Bishop 33:50.3, Lori Ganote 39:00.5, Mitzi Timberlake 55:47, Melissa Atwood 58:46

50-54: Maria Paulin 28:37.3, Barb Leffler 34:15.2

55-59: Teresa Tatlock 52:05, Veda White 58:47, Pam Pettny 59:26

60 and over: Nancy Sterling 34:00.9


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