Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – July 15


Police support

Thumbs-up to the three people who stopped to help Jackson County Detention Officer Tony Fleetwood as he struggled with an female inmate. Fleetwood had been transporting from Monroe County to the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center in Brownstown when she decided to assault him. The passers-by didn’t have to get involved and wouldn’t have in some communities, but they did here.SufferingThumbs-up to Orlando Munoz of Seymour for reminding everyone that some of the people who have helped make holiday celebrations such as the Fourth of July possible suffer from PTSD because of their military service. PTSD can occur because of combat exposure or other traumatic events such as a terrorist attack, a serious accident or a natural disaster. The consequences of PTSD can disrupt a person’s life and even lead to suicide in some cases. Fourth of July celebrations that include fireworks also can affect people with the disease.

Stepping up

Thumbs-up to the two people who help police find my moped that had been stolen. The world needs more people like them.— Ken Kirchner, Seymour

Challenging traffic

Thumbs-down to INDOT for deciding to repave State Road 11 at the same time they decided to close U.S. 31 for a bridge replacement project. The move makes it tough for those who travel from Jackson County to Columbus each day for work and others with business in Bartholomew County.

Broken already

A second thumbs-down to INDOT for replacing the headlamps of traffic signals on Tipton Street throughout Seymour and then having the one at Airport Road malfunction within days of completion of the project.


Thumbs-down to the people who let the Brindle dog out out of their vehicle, took the tags off it and abandoned it on the west side of Seymour a couple of weeks ago. The Humane Society of Jackson County exists for a reason.

Time to stop

Thumbs-down to motorists involved in wrecks who refuse to stop. Their actions lead to additional work for police who have to track them down and leave the other party involved footing the bill for repairs to their vehicle or house in some cases.

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