Dive into the past


Need to fill in the gaps on your family tree? Want to dive into Jackson County’s past?

Searching for obituaries, learning about your ancestors and searching the county’s history has never been easier.

The Tribune’s newspaper archives have been digitized, put online and are now available with powerful search features at tribtown.com/archives.

Explore and subscribe to more than 210,000 local newspaper pages dating back to 1896.

The electronic newspaper archive allows you to search in many ways — by paper, by topic and person, by date, by location — and has other features that allow let you to explore newspapers pages in close detail.

With the archive viewer, you can download pages, clip articles and save, print and share what you find.

A notification feature alerts you via email when something matches your saved search. In addition, you’ll be able to link to your Facebook account and save clippings from the archive to ancestry.com.

You can get access to the archives by signing up for a six-month subscription at $74.90, or you can purchase digital access for $19.90 a month.

Go to tribtown.com/archives to find out more.

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