Cellphone collection planned for the fair


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Turning Point Domestic Violence Services are teaming up again this year to help protect those affected by domestic violence by collecting used cellphones.

They will be collecting used cellphones and phone accessories, such as phone chargers and cases, at this year’s Jackson County Fair, which begins July 24 and ends July 30.

A collection box will be available at the sheriff’s department’s booth, located at the main entrance to the fairgrounds, for anyone who would like to donate their used cellphones and accessories.

The phones will be delivered to Turning Point, which will reprogram some of the phones to be used for 911 calls only. Those phones will then be given to victims of domestic violence to help them stay safe while in the midst of a dangerous situation.

The remaining cellphones will be sent to Shelter Alliance, a cellphone recycling program that donates money to nonprofits in exchange for mobile phones that are no longer in use.

Turning Point also accepts donations in the form of checks.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, contact Turning Point’s 24/7 crisis line at 800-221-6311.

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