Brownstown recycling, bill increase starts


Changes to the Brownstown recycling program involving container size and a slight increase in sewer bills for town residents started Thursday.

The changes are occurring as a result of the town council’s recent decision to go from a recycling bin to a recycling cart.

Residents still will use their brown 95-gallon carts for trash, but their red recycling bins were replaced by green carts similar to the size of the trash carts.

The monthly charge for trash and recycling will be $12.55 — $9.05 for trash and $3.50 for recycling. Residents had been paying $11.35. The charges are listed as a line item on their sewer bill.

The Jackson County Solid Waste Manage-ment District, which does business as Jackson County Recycling District, provides the town with $7,200 per year toward the cost of recycling as long as the trash goes to a Jackson County landfill. Rumpke takes the recycling to Cincinnati.

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