Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – June 17


Leaving a legacy

Thumbs-up to Blake Hackman, students in his agricultural mechanics class and all of the other people who helped and supported the project to make and then place the sculpture “Shaping a Legacy” in front of Brownstown Central Middle School. The sculpture is beautiful, and its name says a lot.— Joan Gorbett


Thumbs-up to the Jackson County United Way Day of Caring assistance for historic Carr High School. Michele McClintock and her crews from Cummins Engine Co. with Dustin Hawkins from the city of Seymour were invaluable with water sealer for the masonry.— Chuck Darkis

A salute

Thumbs-up to Jim Ault and David Newkirk for placing 256 flags on the graves of veterans.— Chuck Darkis

A big ‘thank you’

Thumbs-up to the Brownstown Police Department and all involved in the recovery of my stolen items. Thanks for all of your efforts and making Brownstown a great place to live.— Andy Davidson

Organized success

Thumbs-up to all of the volunteers who pulled together to make the 41st annual Crothersville Red, White and Blue Festival a success. Several new events, including a waterball contest organized by the Crothersville-Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Department, created more activities for those visiting the patriotic festival.

A helpin

g handThumbs-up to the volunteer program at Schneck Medical Center for raising the money to purchase and design a courtesy shuttle for use by patients visiting the hospital. The purchase was funded, mainly from sales at the Schneck Medical Center gift shop, so a related thumbs-up goes to anyone who has made a purchase at the shop and the volunteers who will staff the shuttle when it goes in service July 1.


Thumbs-down to those who steal from their employers. Such actions can lead to a company facing debt and the potential of having to close its doors … and all because they had placed their trust in a person and gave them a job.


Thumbs-down to those who allow their grass to grow too long and become unsightly.

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