When most people see a garden rake or shovel, they see a tool used to complete lawn and garden projects.

Caritta Beezley and her family see garden decor.

For the past 12 years or so, Beezley’s father, Larry, and her two brothers, George and Clifton, all of Franklin, have welded old garden tools into crafty garden decorations for customers to buy.

Caritta Beezley was set up as one of 38 vendors at the Seymour Main Street Lawn, Garden and Patio Show Saturday morning, selling chickens welded from shovels and owls made from garden rakes as well as other unique items.

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“He (Larry) likes collecting older, rusty stuff and he just started making things out of it one time and people seemed to like it,” she said. “We all bring him some ideas and he just goes from there.”

Caritta Beezley recalled going to garage sales and auctions to find old rusty garden tools to use for welding projects. She seemed puzzled when Larry picked up a shovel and asked her a question about it.

“He said, ‘Do you see what this is?'” she recalled. “I said, ‘Yeah, that’s a shovel,'” and he looked at me and said, ‘No, that’s a chicken.'”

It’s that type of creativity that gives customers a unique item for their yard, she said.

The family still goes to garage sales and junk yards to find old items to repurpose and give them a new life.

This was the first year for Beezley to set up at the show, which takes place each May at the Robertson Mill parking lot in downtown Seymour.

“I like how this is set up and it is very organized,” she said. “I’ve been to some that aren’t well organized, but this one is definitely organized.”

Melissa Reutter, chair of the event, said she was happy with the show despite cool temperatures.

“This could have been so bad; it could have been pouring down rain and it could be awful,” she said. “I know it’s cold, but look at all the people here; I’m really excited about our turnout.”

Reutter has helped organize the event for the past three years and said it has grown in popularity, which is why turnout was not as bad as it could have been.

“People love this event and they really love the fresh flowers,” she said. “We also have new vendors and a variety of vendors. We’re glad to have everyone here.”

Reutter said the event helps get people ready for the warmer months and get things together to make their lawns and gardens how they want them to look.

“It’s just a good head start on spring,” she said. “I know it’s been an early spring, but it’s been good and easy to plant.”

Sue Webber of Reddington said this is the second time she has attended the event and that she enjoys it.

“I came last year and it was nice, so I decided to come again this year,” she said.

Webber said that while the weather could have been better, it didn’t really bother her to attend the show.

“It’s cold, but I still decided to make it because this is really nice,” she said. “I like all the metal items here and really love the plants.”

Webber said she had already received a free dogwood tree from the Seymour Department of Public Works. Webber already had the perfect spot picked out to plant the tree.

“I will plant this dogwood tree in my front yard,” she said. “With a little luck, it will grow big one day.”

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