Local sports scoreboard – May 10


Middle school sports

Girls tennis

Brownstown Central 4, Paoli 1

No. 1 singles: Olivia Hackman (BC) won 8-3.

No. 2 singles: Riley Roberts (BC) lost 9-8.

No. 3 singles: Rachel Adkins (BC) won 8-2.

No. 1 doubles: Carly Brown and Cassidy Burnside (BC) won 8-1.

No. 2 doubles: Abbie Reynolds and Jolie Reynolds (BC) won 8-0.

Brownstown Central exhibition: Emily Mann and Kylee Nowling won 6-1; Alexis Markel and Sydnie Payne won 7-6; Adkins and Kendra McCory won 6-1; Morgan Hodge and Allie Mae Wingler won 6-0.

East Washington 3, Brownstown Central 2

No. 1 singles: Hackman (BC) lost 8-1.

No. 2 singles: Roberts (BC) lost 8-6.

No. 3 singles: Hogan (BC) lost 8-6.

No. 1 doubles: Brown and Burnside (BC) won 8-3.

No. 2 doubles: McCory and Nowling (BC) won 8-2.

Brownstown Central exhibition: Alexis Markel lost 6-0; Mann def. Hodge 4-0; Maren McClure and Payne won 6-3; Maggie Hogan and J. Reynolds won 6-0; A. Reynolds and Wingler won 6-0.

Girls track and field

Brownstown Central 67, Crothersville 14, East Washington 11

(Brownstown Central in top four)

100: 1-Keeli Darlage, 3-Chesney Johnson.

200: 1-Chloe Carlin, 2-Destiny Root.

400: 1-Hannah Stahl, 2-Kassity Taggart.

800: 1-Kiley Wischmeier, 2-Halle Hehman, 4-Aubree VanCoutren.

1,600: 1-Grace Garland, 3-Emily Koch.

100 hurdles: 1-Zoe Fountain, 2-Kayla Guthrie.

4×100 relay: 1-(Carlin, Fountain, Wischmeier, Darlage) 54.3 (school record).

4×200 relay: 1-(Root, VanCoutren, Taggart, Emma Winks).

4×400 relay: 1-(Bailey Miley, Taggart, Stahl, Hehman).

Long jump: 1-Stahl, 2-Wischmeier, 3-Darlage, 4-Winks.

Brownstown Central 89, Mitchell 20

(Brownstown Central in top three)

100: 1-Darlage.

200: 1-Root, 2-Carlin.

400: 1-Stahl, 2-Carlin, 3-Taggart.

800: 1-Wischmeier, 2-Garland, 3-Rachel Hildebrand.

1,600: 1-Hehman, 3-E. Koch.

100 hurdles: 1-Fountain, 2-Guthrie, 3-Faith Harrison.

300 hurdles: 1-Harrison.

4×100 relay: 1-(Carlin, Fountain, Wischmeier, Darlage).

4×400 relay: 1-(Winks, Taggard, Stahl, Hehman).

Long jump: 1-Darlage, 2-Winks.

High jump: 1-E. Koch, 3-Garland.

Shot put: 1-Ashley Schroer, 2-Lynn Tormoehlen.

Discus: 1-Avery Koch, 3-Schroer.

Boys track and field

Brownstown Central 56, Mitchell 53

(Brownstown Central top three)

100: 2-Brandon Wilson, 3-Derek Thompson.

200: 2-Wilson.

400: 1-Trey Hackman.

800: 3-Jake Cope.

1,600: 2-Charlie Ault.

110 hurdles: 1-Sean Tharp, 2-Hackman.

300 hurdles: 1-Tharp.

4×100 relay: 1-(Braeden Walker, Wilson, Thompson, Cody Griffith).

4×400 relay: 1-(Thompson, Tharp, Ault, Griffith).

Long jump: 2-Wilson.

High jump: 2-Thompson, 3-Walker.

Shot put: 1-Joseph Striegel.

Discus: 1-Bruce Spicer.

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